Friday, April 2, 2021

More WIPs


The potential of these bowls is something like that of the beckoning of a clean, white, page. Basic black, painted over with wax resist, and then the fun starts!

I've been running across a lot of Triple Goddess/Triple Moon imagery, lately, and thought it was a hint from the universe to start playing with the design, so I started with this bowl, gently carving off the black underglaze to begin the design.

The purpose of the wax resist over the top of the black underglaze is to allow me to inlay another color into the sgraffito without messing up the black. In this case, that's a white underglaze. After three coats of the white, it's time to take a damp sponge and wipe away the extra white underglaze so the lines stay clean.

And then? Let that little guy dry and wait for the first firing!
I have more of these to do, and many more pieces to make before I can ask to rent the kiln from the clay center for both the bisque and the glaze firing. This bowl will be bisqued, then covered with a high-fire clear glaze, as it's made from a stoneware clay.

The one above is going to be more work, but I'm looking forward to all the details!

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