Wednesday, March 16, 2022

Midsummer Scream!

It's official! I've been accepted, once again into the largest Halloween and horror convention in the US, Midsummer Scream! YAAAS!

It's been four years since my last show, and I'm so excited! I'm so grateful to the show owners for getting me in and welcoming me back to the Halloween fold.

I also had a phone call from an owner of a different show who said she's going to try to get me into her show if a space opens up. (She has a list of folks who had been accepted into last year's show, but the show had to close down because of Covid-19 restrictions. Understandably, they have first right of refusal.)

What was especially heartwarming about hearing from her was her sharing that people had been asking where I was those first couple of years after I moved back to Los Angeles. I am really hoping that a space opens up for me and I can go see old friends and meet new ones with some of the great new pieces I'm working on! I love to have new offerings for people to fall in love with!

Anyway, if you want to hit an amazing convention, be sure to make some time at the end of July for Midsummer Scream! 

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