Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Great to be Back!

After months of hard work and stressing out about having enough at the show to sell, Midsummer Scream finally arrived! 

Everything got loaded in and set up, and let me tell you, the work Dave Lowe did to make my new booth design happen really set the tone for the whole weekend! Everyone loved it! 

My pumpkin people were a hit, with five of seven finding new homes! 

The little guy at the top, above, was the first to go!

I made a few new things, too. Skeleton wind chimes, witch bells, and new designs for some nice coffee mugs!

As you know, I've been playing with new colors for my jack-o'-lanterns.

All the bowls sold, too! But one sale, in particular, made my day!

Me, Bob Gurr, and friend/booth goddess, Sherri Miranda

Original Imagineer and Doom Buggy Creator, Bob Gurr, came by my booth specifically to tell me he thought my work and my booth were the best at the convention! I swear, I could have died happy at that very moment. I gave him one of my haunted house mugs, and he came back a little later to buy one of the jack-o'-lanterns which had caught his eye earlier!

I am still just floating! (We all float around Bob!) What a great show and what a great time we had!

Now, onwards to make for my Open House!


  1. Nice! Love the layout, thanks for the pictures too.

  2. WOW! The booth is hauntingly beautiful and perfect and scary. LOVE Bob mugging with the mug. Congrats on a successful event!


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