Saturday, April 18, 2009

Davis Graveyard

I may have done a quick post on these folks awhile back, but due to a case of hormone brain, I can't remember!

Davis Graveyard is one of the haunts I most admire. The props are not only well-made and look great, but they're clever, too: the little detail of a child's polyester Superman costume hanging off the end of a bony finger comes to mind.

Like many in the haunt community, Jeff and Chris Davis spread the love wherever they can. From teaching gravestone make-and-takes to hosting a fundraiser for the local high school dance troupe, the Davises represent the generosity of spirit I've come to love in haunters.

Jeff has recently written an article for Haunted Attraction Magazine about how to recreate his video projected head project. As something of a newbie to haunting at this level, and someone who is only just learning about animatronics and other fun elements for my haunt, I really appreciate clear directions. (Clear directions keep me from burning off my eyebrows.) Like other haunters, he helps you to discover your inner MacGyver by pointing you in the direction of eBay and things you already have around the house.

Well, I'm off to my CalHaunts meeting today, to learn some nifty new things. I can't wait!

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