Friday, April 17, 2009

How to Haunt Your House

Huzzah! It came in the mail! The Book!

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about... Where have you been? Crawl out of the dungeon once in a while!

The book is How to Haunt Your House by Shawn and Lynne Mitchell. Every page is filled with ideas and pictures of various Halloween props and gags. My favorite so far is the "Pepper's Ghost" illusion, which is a great way to add a flickering ghost to your haunt. There are step-by-step instructions of sand-casting techniques (which can yield a poseable hand or a nice, spiky graveyard fence finial). There's also a recipe for Monster Mud, which seems to be a staple of the haunter's tool box. The only down side to this is if you're the frustrated English teacher type, as there are some typos and grammatical errors. (This seems to be common in the self-publishing world.)

However, the pictures are very clear, and if you're not feeling as inspired to get going on Haunt 2009 as you'd like, this book will get those juices re-animated. It's really worth the money! Pick it up here. It's not available on Amazon or at Barnes and Noble yet, but fortunately Lulu will give you a good purchasing experience.

Now, where's my hot glue?

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