Monday, April 6, 2009

TransWorld 2009

TransWorld. The pro haunter's Mecca. Where all the new props and up-and-coming talent show their gruesome wares. The show was split into two parts this year. According to the fellas over at Hauntcast, the Vegas show was said to be poorly thought out, mostly because there seemed to be no centralization of lodging and convention center. People were spread out all over the strip and convenience was minimal.

The second part of the show was held in St. Louis. And from the video, it looks like they had some fun!

I wanted to give props to Sac FX, who are members of CalHaunts NorCal, for their Dr. Steampunk prop we saw briefly in this video. He's the creepy, one-eyed mad scientist in the whack wheelchair. Great job, guys!


  1. Great video, thanks. If I had not already committed to going to Hauntcon - I would definitely go there. Husband and I are thinking of trading out shows next year. This will definitely help us make that decision.



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