Wednesday, November 23, 2011

And Now For Something Completely Different...

I was just on Facebook, scanning the home page while sipping my first morning cup of coffee, when I came across a link to this post: I'm Christian Unless You're Gay. I read it, and the powerful responses post that came afterwards, and I'm just blown away by the guts of this guy.

I've never read his blog before, but I'm particularly glad I took the time to do so this time. Yes, I know I'm from California, so of course, I'd love this blog post, right? (People who live in California are sort of a joke to folks who don't live here, because of our notoriously screwy politics and overly liberal ideas. Heck, I feel that way sometimes!) But the fact is, I think most people who read it will be affected by it, either positively or negatively, and it's not just one of those "California things." 

It's not about gay rights; it's about loving people who are different from us. It's a great observation of the human condition, and our nearly psychotic need to isolate "our people" from "those people." I've done it myself, and so have you. For instance, how many haunters have gotten bent with a local church group who has tried to shut them down, and painted the entire Christian faith with the same brush?

I have. I know some of you have, too. We're not perfect, right? (Next lifetime, I keep telling myself. This one, I'm still working on it...)

In any case, read the post if you like. My rambling here will make more sense afterwards. Please feel free to comment, here, either positively or negatively. If you're moved to do so, please post on his blog, as well.

I hope his post creates a lasting change for the better in all of our lives.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Catch you next week.


  1. I took the time to read through the article and many of the posts. Got my wheels turning, so many points made, so many personal histories...almost overwhelming!
    How lonely it must be to try to live this life in isolation. For many, this is the only way to protect themselves from the rest of us. Just to walk in another's shoes...for just a little while.

  2. Can I just add how much I love it when supposedly single issue bloggers venture into other areas? It makes me happy to see the other sides to people.

    Now I am off to read the post you mention. Having grown into what used to be called a "fag hag" while still immersed in the religion of my youth, this is right up my alley. Thanks.

  3. One of the best Gay Rights protests was done by Michael Moore on his TV show "The Awful Truth" in the 1990's. I've included a link, so if you enjoy watching Religous fanatics get humilated by the people they hate so much, click away: you'll laugh your ass off!

  4. Thank you for posting about this story!
    I was totally in tears over the touching responses and am thankful that someone was able to put into eloquent words what I have been trying to say to close minded friends and fmaily for years! I married into a Pentacostle family. I'll never forget seeing/hearing my MIL chanting in her own language to "God" in the kitchen for the first time! During the holidays I often feel that I am a pet project for the more fanatical of the group (which includes two Pentecostle preachers). I have never followed a religion. I think my moral compass is quite steady and accurate. I don't need a book of regurgitated fables to keep me on the proper course to righteousness. Live and let live.

  5. Just wanted to let you know that I was so touched I wrote about it as well. Linked to your post, and the original that inspired you.

    Thanks. You rock.

  6. Growing up in SoCal, in a showbiz family, even as a kid I knew the technical meaning of homosexuality and knew plenty of gay men and women, some in my own family. I never once thought about how it made a difference (beyond biology) to anyone's life, and thought everyone in the world was as accepting and 'non-issue' as my circle of family and friends.
    By the time I got to high school I learned how wrong I was.
    The ugliness, the utter paranoia about gayness, was baffling to me.
    It still is.
    I remember getting a childhood scolding from my father because I was making jokes about a disabled girl who lived on our block. I'll never forget what he said, and how it changed the way I look at all people.
    "If you can prove to me that person came into this world any differently than you did, or they bleed a different color, or their hearts can't break like yours, then you can treat them however the hell you like."
    That ANYONE in this world feels differently than this simple phrase is not only beyond my comprehension but is a affront to our basic humanity.
    Great post, great article, and thank you.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. We have a blog post title trend happening;) And a straying trend. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks to you all for posting.
    Pensive, one of my dear gay friends called me a fag hag years ago, and I laughed out loud when he did.

    As I say with some friends of mine, "I love me them gays!" :o)

  9. Wow. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for sharing this. I probably never would have come across it if you hadn't. That was an amazing read and it was VERY well put. It's a sad world we live in and one that is full of hate, too much in my opinion. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Or "I love them gayers" as they say over here. Hell, until the 1960's homosexuality was a criminal offense in England.

    Great post and Happy Thankgiving!

  11. Holy wow, Shell. I read the post, and was just shocked. I had no idea this kind of hate was still out there, and for WHAT?!?! Ugh, I'm still mad, I guess. Thank you sooooo much for posting, it gave me the opportunity to post it on Facebook, and probably lose 1/2 my friends list, but oh well. Some of the ugly responses in his comments section just freaked me out, I can't believe we do this to each other. Hrrrmph.

  12. Thank you so much for posting this! A VERY well thought out, well articulated blog that really cuts to the heart of the matter. As a Christian, I'm continually shocked and disgusted by people who claim to subscribe to the same faith as me, but profess hatred of people just because they are different. It's time more "Christians" realized that when Jesus said to "love one another", he actually meant it!

    This blog drove that point home, and also elucidated another important one that, even outside of religion or any sort of philosophy, we need to treat folks like WE want to be treated. At the end of the day, this was the main point that all the great spiritual leaders, such as Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammed and Kermit the Frog, taught


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