Sunday, November 6, 2011

And Yet More

I honestly debated whether to post more pics, as aside from Leota and the change in the front room, there haven't been any changes to the graveyard. The witch is still substandard in looks and no new tombstones have been added. I was just too damn busy this year. 
The hand-blown spider jar looked quite at home on the apothecary shelf, I must say.
I brought out my trusty tarot deck for a prop. I'm sure someone will be offended by that, but oh, well. And, oh, my dog found and tore up that lovely zombie head the next day. Bad dog!
My last-second costume decision. I was feeling a little dark that day, I guess. Had to pose by my favorite Pumpkinrot treasure.
Even though this is a bit out of focus, I thought it looked pretty decent. The fog was very cooperative that night.
 Stewie always looks so deceptively sweet amongst the roses. We'd had an unusually warm October, and they rewarded us with one last lovely bloom.
I hope to cut together the Leota footage this week. My back has been giving me a helluva time, so it doesn't look like rearranging the studio is on the list and sitting on the couch is.


  1. The fog looks really cool. My cauldron is a fog chiller and everytime I try to take pics of it, there always seems to be a slight breeze going so it doesn't get to fall to the ground.

    I started laughing about your dog chewing up the zombie head! My dog would of done the same thing.

  2. hey,doesn't matter if the props aren't new--still really enjoy seeing the pics. (and 'Madame' is lovely!)

  3. Excellent work! Are you doing a video like last year?

  4. One of the best things about us Halloween supporters is reusing our old props. They take on a life of their own and I feel guilty not using them sometimes. Your fog and lights are perfect! I love your Pumpkinrot Treasure ;)

    Looking forward to your video.

  5. Shelly..the haunt looks great! You had an amazing amount of fog which looked awesome! Cant wait to see the leota video, I still need to put mine together, guess im just being lazy!

  6. Beautiful pic Shell.

    I find that even if you take pics of things from previous years, there's always a new mom caught in images.

    I was happy to have a chance to reuse a prop that hasn't seen a Halloween in years. It's nice to get them out again. Plus, you know they aren't plotting your death for keeping them cooped up all this time.

  7. that should be "moment" not "mom". Though maybe a new mom DID sneak into the pictures. You know how they are.


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