Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hauntcast, R.I.P.

Click on the pic to listen to our last episode.

For those of you (and you know who you are) who have supported Hauntcast with your time, efforts and cash, we all humbly thank you as we lay the show to rest.

Bloody kisses, darklings!


  1. Wow, this news really saddens me as I REALLY enjoyed Hauntcast these past few years. I will have to toast one at the Cemetery tonight for you all...

  2. D: D: D:

    Saddest day ever!! What a loss for the Haunt community... RIP indeed.

  3. what happened? I think I missed something more Hauntcast ever?

  4. Hauncast may be gone, but it will never be forgoten. HAUNCAST FOREVER!!!

  5. Thanks, you guys, for your support. It saddens me that we won't be doing the show anymore, but I am pleased that we're going out on top.

    Cheers, All!

  6. Hauntcast will be greatly missed. I can only imagine the amount of brainwork that went into putting each episode together though, but It saddens me to think of all that work to build a loyal following is just history.

  7. It saddens me to hear this. HauntCast will miss me big time. This is a real loss to the Haunt community...

  8. You can't keep a great ghoul down! Who knows, may be one day it will return from the Undead!

    Thank you for so many great podcasts!

    Ali @ Holiday Hollow

  9. I've been listening to the show over again from episode 1. :) Really enjoying it. It's like looking at an awesome slideshow at a memorial service. hehe I can't tell you what a great addition you were to the show, Shell.


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