Friday, August 3, 2012

Hauntcast 41-Mockingbird Heights is Up!

YES! The new episode of Hauntcast is out! I've been eagerly awaiting this one since Chris Baker told me it would be a Munster-themed show!

And as usual, I will point out that you really should subscribe to Hauntcast. The show is bigger and better than ever. This month's episode features:

THEATER OF THE MIND: Revenant helps you stay safe and out of court with tips for your haunt. 
ACCESS HOLLYWEEN: Grimlock with haunting news and some fresh links.
THE CHARMED POT: The Mistress of Mayhem waxes nostalgic for the Munsters .
MARKETING MORGUE: Dick Terhune’s suck proof advertising.
THE PROP SHOP: Terra teaches you the beauty of cheating.
TERROR TURNPIKE: Eric Vysther walks you thru Chicago’s most horrifying Haunted house Dream Reapers.
SOMETHING WICKED: Wick-Ed Gannon shows you how to add more value to your haunt with a collectable museum.
MAD PROPS FOR PROPS: Chris bestows propers on Toolrite for his Giant Snake prop.
PLUS!…This month we’re giving away an H-100D Airbrush System from Paasche and the lullaby Prop from Halloween Asylum.
Congratulations to this month’s winners: Kim Pratt and Justin Miller!

I'm really pleased with how tight, informative and entertaining the show has become, with the fresh blood of Dick Terhune in the Marketing Morgue, and now a guest prop shop appearance by Terra Lair!

Go here for a little preview of what you've been missing by not subscribing...

We're currently working on the first issue of Hauntcast Magazine, too! Hopefully, it won't suck, either! ;o)

Ooo! My download is finished! Off I go, to listen and be amazed! 

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