Sunday, August 19, 2012

Two Faves in One Place

Hauntcast has expanded my list of Hallowe'en acquaintances. Derek Young is one of them.

Derek has a blog that I follow, called "Better Haunts and Gardens." It covers home haunts and their haunters, and has some nifty interviews with people in the haunt community you may or may not be aware of from your obsessive trawling on the internet.

Oh, wait. Maybe that's just me...
He recently had an interview with one of my idols, Dave Lowe, of Para Abnormal fame. Dave's comics have kept me giggling for several years, now, and his blog has some great prop tutorials that are simple enough that I can actually make them!

If you're needing a little Hallowe'en inspiration, check out the interview. You'll be ready to build again in no time!


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