Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Almost-Autumn Equinox To ME!

I've been working my tail off, broken a toe and severely sprained an ankle. I deserve presents, dammit!

So I got myself a couple. So there.

First, my now traditional (if you can call two years in a row, "traditional") trick or treat bag from Eric Pigors.
The bag doubles as my purse during this time of year, and it glows in the dark! You seriously can't get much cooler than that. I even got a plastic coffin filled with candy. Noms!

The other gift I got for myself was Montague, one of Ghoul Friday's Little Minions series. He's pictured with what I call "The Bluebird of Unhappiness," part of her Plague Doctor Series from last year (or two years ago. I don't recall.).
"And then she stuffed me in a box! Crazy, right?"
Montague immediately began regaling Blue with stories of their maker and his adventure-filled trip to America. Blue listened patiently before asking Monty if he felt well and when his last checkup was...
When I unpacked Montague (Just call me Monty) and showed him to Mr. ShellHawk, he had two comments:
"Oh, he's kinda cute."
"I can't look at him for too long just before I go to bed. I'll have nightmares..."

Nice work, G.F.!

Toxic Toons website.

Ghoul Friday's Etsy store.


  1. Good choices....I know how you feel, someday when I am working again I hope to add to my collection.


  2. oh so cute! sorry to hear about your injuries. hope you feel better soon!!

  3. I just ordered a few prints from Toxic Toons, his stuff is really great.

    Now I'm gonna have to start eyeing up Ghoul Friday's stuff....


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