Monday, September 10, 2012

The Madness Has Begun

Another busy weekend in a series of increasingly busy weekends has just passed. I got to attend a wedding (which I would not have been able to do had a friend not stepped in to cover my booth up at Abel's Apple Acres.) I got to set up my booth at Abel's (with Mr. ShellHawk's help as my ankle is still swollen and painful).

Of course, after all this got set up, I decided to move it around some more.
I think next year, I'll need a 10' x 20' stall...

Abel's is on a major thoroughfare, so every time a truck or a big car goes by, the entire tent shakes. When you sell breakable things, that makes you nervous, as flapping tent walls could conceivably knock something over. I was compulsively adjusting the shelves and tables all weekend, which didn't help my ankle at all.

Even though it was very slow over the weekend, those who did come were immediately drawn to the Hallowe'en chandelier.
I spent a small portion of today out in the studio, trimming and carving pumpkins, which are now drying. I've also got a bunch of mini-ghosts drying and a bunch of stuff waiting to be glazed. I'm going to be hard-put to find space for everything!

I'm actually resting now, icing my poor, swollen ankle. I really overdid it this weekend. *sigh*


  1. Did the chandelier sell or will it be in your etsy shop? Great looking booth!

  2. Hope the ankle improves. I was in the same boat last year (had to use a cane for a couple of months). It does NOT make the Halloween season easier! Make sure you rest it/raise it/ice it as needed.

    The chandelier is GORGEOUS. Of course people are looking!


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