Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day Wrap-Up

Well, it's over kids. The last hurrah of Summer has come and gone (even though the Autumn Equinox is later this month), and we are all earnestly building and making for Hallowe'en.

At least those who didn't have any sort of unfortunate accident over the weekend. (Blatant begging for sympathetic comments to follow.) Those people are wondering how in the Hell they're going to set up their ceramics booths this weekend. (Oh, wait, that's just me!)

Yes, while finishing up a lovely, fun day with my niece (who is the most amazing girl!), my dad, Mr. ShellHawk and some of the best neighbors ever on Folsom Lake, I was walking back to the truck to leave and slipped on a patch of loose gravel on pavement and into the dirt, (the difference in height between the pavement and the dirt was about an inch or so, with the dirt being the lower spot), was in the process of free running as a part of my intense ninja training and slipped off a rooftop, rolling my ankle. Literally within seconds, there was a golf ball-sized swelling. I also managed to tear a respectable chunk out of my opposite knee. 

I went to Urgent Care yesterday, and had the grand experience of getting the asphalt further cleaned out of my knee. We had already cleaned out quite a lot which was a whole mound of painful no fun. But the rest got picked out with a needle by a nurse-practitioner who was very sweet and gentle. I didn't scream or cuss, but I was really frustrated that this happened. 

I'd warn you about the grossness of the pics, but you're haunters and will use them for makeup reference:
So much for gorgeous gams. This sucker is gonna scar!
Cankles are sexy, right?
The up side is that Mr. ShellHawk is going to be waiting on me quite a lot over the next couple of days. And not that he isn't already aware, but he'll be more aware of what an awesome housewife I am because he gets to take over for me for the next little while. 

The down side is that I'm supposed to start at Abel's Apple Acres this Friday and had planned to get a bunch of stuff set up on Thursday to make things easier for myself on Friday. This involves lifting boxes and a lot of walking back and forth.

This is not possible in my current condition, and I'm really concerned about my ability to get help to get this set up. Other people have real 9-5 jobs and aren't available. I can't not show up, because I'm under a contract, and it is simply mandatory that I be there. Not only that, but this is my first season in a new location with new management to whom I must prove my dependability. I can hardly blow it off. I'm hoping Mr. ShellHawk will be able to help, but I'm not holding my breath.

On the positive side again, before the Epic Ankle Sprain of 2012, we had a great time with my niece. She's twelve, wakes up happy, and is the most chill and easy-going, non-high-maintenance child I've ever met. And she likes Hallowe'en and monsters and all that good stuff! 

My dad came up for a visit with all of us, too, which is a big deal. My mom and my grandmother (yes, she's still alive at 103!) are both invalids, and although my grandmother has full-time care, my mom does not, so he has to line up a caregiver while he's gone. It's a huge production for him to get any kind of break at all, so for him to come for an overnight visit was amazing.

I hope your Labor Day didn't leave you injured. Now, get out there and finish those props!


  1. Sorry about the urgent care trip. Mine was last Saturday after trying to take off a finger. Wish I could be there to help tote and carry. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

  2. OUCH! Hope it heals quickly! You got spookin to do!

  3. When I was a little kid I would say Ouchiewahwah! And you are right it is an excellent source of reference for the more gory Halloween wound makeup! Hope you feel better and please milk it for all you can get!!! LOL

  4. So sorry to hear that....hope you feel better soon.



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