Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Booth

The weather here in California isn't acting much like Fall, yet, but then again, it usually doesn't. It sometimes stays unbearably hot through October, and it looks like that may be the trend this year, too.

It's been very hot up on Apple Hill so far, which seems to keep the crowds away. We had a decent day yesterday, not too busy and not too slow. I made a few sales, which for September, is pretty good. The booth doesn't usually get seriously rockin' until October. 

The comparatively slower pace allows me to move things around and fine tune the display. One of my neighbors moved away and left a couple of small cabinets for me. With a sanding and a staining, they're doing well for giving my display some height. I wish I had a couple of larger cabinets, but then, I'd have to move them myself, and then there's that pesky storage issue!

I made a candy bowl with the little pumpkin guys. I pulled that out of a glaze firing this week and am reasonably happy with it...
After today, I'm going to pack up a bunch of the jacks and re-take their pictures. I'm just not happy with the ones I have, and they won't look good on Etsy, at all! I also need to take some nice pics of the plates that came out this week, below.
It's interesting to note the variations in how people think of hand-made things. I'd say the bulk of people are mentally trained to expect "Made in China" prices, so they get a bit of sticker shock when they see what I charge. If they're nice, I try to politely educate them, and they generally "get it" after that. I'm learning to ignore the not-so-nice ones!
 It's particularly gratifying to witness someone make a connection with something they see and make a beeline for it! That happened with the Dead Man's Finger Bones jar, above. 

Below, a small army of mini-Boos await a glaze firing. I'll be making a bunch more of these guys, for sure.
Well, time to hit the showers and get ready for another day in the beautiful foothills of the Sierras. I can't help but think what a great change it is from the antiseptic-smelling dental offices which used to be my place of work!


  1. I love that you call them mini-Boos.
    And I swear I'd be broke if I waled into that booth.
    Always such beautiful work, dear!

  2. I never could understand why people don't get the idea of "hand made one of a kind" stuff. I payed $45 for a coffe mug that had a dragon's claw wrapped around it. I was happy to pay that too. Nobody has one that looks like it.


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