Sunday, July 7, 2013

Creative Mess

I've been mixing it up this weekend with both work and play. The 4th of July holiday on the block was fantastic, with the usual neighborhood crew making the day really fun. Lots of laughs to be had!

Since I was off work on Friday, I started doing some underglazing of some of my greenware, too. I threw a couple of earthenware cups and let them dry (which is what "greenware" is, by the way) and am going to try out a couple of Hallowe'en designs to see how they turn out before making a bunch more.

Mr. ShellHawk has also been asking for some numbered tiles for the house for at least a year, now, so I bought a few pre-bisqued tiles (making them from scratch can be a bit tricky if you don't dry them slowly and in the right atmosphere, and 110 degree weather makes them dry way too fast!), searched the internet for some ideas for ceramic house tile numbers and came up with the above Alphonse Mucha-inspired design. (I do so love the clean lines and design of Art Nouveau!) The tiles need both clean-up and touch-up today. I'm really hoping they turn out well! If they come out of the first firing satisfactorily, they'll get a clear coat of glaze over them and get a final firing. I'm considering designing some tiles with the street name, too. I'll have to think about it!

Meanwhile, here's a totally random picture of a cat. Enjoy! 

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