Monday, July 15, 2013

I Will Open No Kiln Before Its TIme

But I really, really want to! At the very least, so I can put another load in!
This skeletal ring holder will be in the next load.
I actually ran it once this weekend, but had to run it again because I miscalculated the time and it shut off before it hit temperature. *sigh* Sometimes, I wish I had a brain!

With the hot weather, we've been running the air conditioner, too. I am so not looking forward to my electric bill this month!

The good news is, I'm ahead on my Hallowe'en party planning. I purchased my murder mystery party today from Night of Mystery, and have sent the email asking for people's addresses so I can start slowly working on those as I have time. I know I'll be scrambling for time during October, although it won't be as bad this year, since I won't be doing the trip to Apple Hill to sell my stuff every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Man, am I looking forward to this Hallowe'en!

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