Monday, July 8, 2013

Testing, Testing...

I'm in the process of testing some new underglazes for Hallowe'en use on some mugs I made a couple of weeks ago. This underglaze is suitable for greenware (clay that's been dried out but not fired) which will help keep the edges of my designs from looking smudged from doing both color and clear coat in the same step. I just have to be very, very careful about handling anything in this state, as greenware is super-fragile at that stage. One wrong bump and it's crumble city! I'm also looking to see how the orange turns out, as I've never used this one before. It may well turn out to be too bright, in which case, I need to search for another one I can apply to greenware. I'm not ready to start making my own quite yet, as that involves testing the glaze for stability and other things, which is a time-consuming process. Maybe this winter I can get to that!

I like making cups. The problem is actually selling cups, as one of the things I hear from customers over and over again is, "Oh, I have plenty of cups!" or "I have way too many cups!" I'm hoping that thematic cups like this may change their minds.

Any thoughts, peeps?


  1. But these are one of a kind cups, that's the way I see it.

    Love the "Batshit Crazy".

  2. I have lots o' mugs, but I would definitely buy some halloween espresso/cappuccino mugs!

  3. Ohhhh....I so need the batshit crazy mug.

  4. These are cool. You have a nice sense of humor about your work.
    I don't understand people who only need one mug. I like to buy them for many reasons. i.) I find it a fairly easy and inexpensive way to collect others' work. 2.) I like using items that potter friends have made. If it isn't a potter I know I still enjoy thinking about her work. 3.) When I was still teaching they were an excellent teaching aid. 4.) I just like having a lot of mugs around.

    1. Thanks!
      Yes, this time of year is generally about Hallowe'en, but I'm also getting some "normal" ceramics together for a show in Napa in September. I need to make some time for a sculpture or two, as well!

  5. And thank you guys for your comments. I'm glad the "batshit crazy" mug is liked! I may make some more.


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