Friday, October 17, 2014

The Last of the Season

 I've worked hard this season, always running to catch up because I got a late start due to my foot surgeries preventing me from getting into my studio for the first half of the year. Those of you who are regulars of this blog will know that in fact, I worked too hard, which is why I have a nice case of tendonitis and a torn ligament in my left shoulder (in addition to arthritis, which the doctor tells me is "normal for your age." Really? I'm only 29!).

That being the case, my thoughts of making a bunch more jacks have fallen by the wayside for now. I simply must rest my shoulder, and hope the damage isn't permanent. The physical therapists are both looking concerned, but I heal well (the balance for being such a klutz), so I hope to surprise them with a full recovery! 

So below, you're seeing the last jacks of the season, fresh from the Raku kiln and waiting to be scrubbed so their white glaze and black crackle can be seen to best advantage. I'll be selling these at my Open House tomorrow.
I also finally finished my commission of plates for that sweet couple from Colorado, and I plan to get those shipped out this morning, before I dive into the rest of the setup and cleanup I need to do for my Open House. They wanted spooky and creepy, and I think I managed that, while pushing my painting technique to develop more nuances in the decoration. Decorating with glaze is not the same as painting with acrylics or watercolors, that's for sure!
I'm racking my brain, trying to guess exactly the right ways to wrap these so they arrive in one piece! A box within a box will be the first step, that's certain!

Off I go! Have a great weekend, kids!


  1. Love your brown Jacks - good luck at the open house.

    1. Thanks! They're actually white, if you can believe it! The brown color is due to the carbon from the post-firing reduction material.

  2. Love the entire set. Can't wait to see what goes up in the shop. Fingers crossed the open house does well for you.

  3. Ouch. Feel better, friend. We need you in tip top for Halloween night!

  4. The plates are gorgeous! I bet those people will be VERY happy! Use bubble wrap - lots of bubble wrap!


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