Wednesday, October 29, 2014


A few weeks ago, I was contacted by Zocalo Public Square to write an article on Home Haunting 101. I was really taken aback that a news agency would be interested in lil' ol' me, but there you have it!

After a few back and forths with the editors, the article was born and now published! Hooray!

Please head over there and leave a comment if you can. I'd like to know someone besides my dad has read it! 

And a big, big thank you to those who have inspired me through the years. They include but are not limited to, SpookyBlue, the first guy to comment on my blog way back in 2008, Pumpkinrot, the other Master of paper mache, The Davis Graveyard, incredible Haunters and all around good humans, House Bloodthorn, keeper of Miss Rose, and the House at Haunted Hill, the epitome of great story in a haunt.

I also want to thank you, who read this blog, comment, or lurk, for continuing to inspire me with your support! Thanks, guys. You rock!


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