Saturday, December 27, 2014

Belated Thank You!

The Shadow Manor blog (aka The Art of Darkness) hosts this wonderful tradition: Secret Santa Can Suck It! (My assignee was Gothic Garden. Read that post here.) I try to sign up every year, because it allows me to spend inordinate amounts of imaginary money on imaginary gifts for other bloggers, in the spirit of the Season.

This year, I was assigned to xJane from the Mind on Fire blog. It's clear, she read my Dreamer post, because I got all manner of virtual baking equipment, classes, and magazines! I find this particularly interesting, since I had a fleeting thought to apply for a job over at Great Harvest once my shoulder is healed and I have clearance from my doctor.

Thanks so much, xJane! I am simply delighted with my gifts!

For the full post of my virtual gifts, click here.

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