Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Guess What I Got For Christmas?

A new shoulder! :)

Which is why this will be a brief post; typing with one hand stinks!
From what I can remember the doctor telling me through my anesthesia-soaked brain, the surgery went well, overall. Just before we went into surgery, he told me that depending how thing looked once he got inside, I could expect about 70% of---mobility? I think? To which I said I really needed 100%, of course. I told him about the international shows I'd already been in, and the submission deadlines I would be missing this year because of my shoulder.

And really, why should I allow 70% be my expectation? Why not 100%? I mean, if this guy, Arthur, can walk again, after the doctors told him he wouldn't, why should I settle for 70%?

I shouldn't, right?

I don't remember most of what he told me after the surgery, but I do know that while he was in there, he cleaned out some "debris" having to do with my arthritis, which is all to the good. Since I seem to have inherited my mother's genetics--and she had a shoulder replacement several years ago--I'm glad that he was able to do something about the arthritis. I really am not looking forward to having my very own shoulder replacement anytime soon, let me tell you!

I did get a bunch of stuff taken care of before my surgery, not the least of which was shipping this custom 20 ounce mug off to its new home!
As usual, I had a couple of minor train wrecks in the kiln when I opened it, but I don't think they're anything which can't be repaired.

And hey, if you want to get some presents for folks, here's my plug for my shop, ShellHawk's Creations: Buy gifts from me! Ornaments, plates, a teapot, mugs! And if you would do me the service of passing word along, I'd be grateful!


  1. Hope you feel better soon Shellhawk and aim for 100.

  2. Toes crossed that all is well and that you are a 100% soon. Of course you want total recovery. NEVER SETTLE


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