Wednesday, August 12, 2015

ScareLA Post-Mortem

Wonderful show! Got to see lots of cool folks, sold a bunch of jacks and other stuff!

Too tired to give the whole run-down, but hey, a picture is worth a gazillion words, right?

Rhode Montijo, y'all! Rhode Freakin' Montijo!
Art by Bob Lizarraga and Rhode Montijo! I couldn't resist taking them home!
Wonderful friend and former roller derby girl, Lola Honey Badger Pop.
The lady version of Captain Spaulding, my best friend and talented artist, Ron Whipple, and yours truly!
Eric Pigors and one of his delightful designs! Best next-door neighbor, ever!
Chris Ape and friend, Ed Roberts, of West Coast Haunters Convention.
The monsters packing up and going home. Always sad!
Chris Ape, riding shotgun on the way home!
Such a fantastic time! I can't wait for next year!

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