Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Great Pumpkin Project Update

Yesterday, I boosted the signal on The Great Pumpkin Project, and promised I'd get you the print art. If you click here, you can follow the thread until you find the download. Meanwhile, I'll quote Adam's words, so you get an idea of what the feeling is behind this project.

Hello Everyone,
My name is Adam. i am the one behind this project. I rarely ever post on here but lurk quite often. I'd like to offer some insight on how I am going about the project. First off, I'd like to say I am ecstatic with the amount of people who love the idea. The more this spreads, the better. So here is how I'm going about the project, and if you would like to get on board, there are a few guidelines I respectfully ask you follow. My mission is 1 jack o lantern everyday/night of October, in a location that looks as if it needs to be graced with a grinning pumpkin. Im sure all of you on this forum can relate to the feeling of joy you feel when you see a lit pumpkin sitting on a nice porch during a cool fall evening. Now how great would it feel to see one placed in a randomly spooky graveyard, old train station or just on a highway overpass. PURE HALLOWEEN BLISS! This is a feeling i wanted to spread locally, and hopefully others would like to do as well.

If you are in fact onboard, and would like to participate there are a few guidelines that would be hugely appreciated if followed:
1. If you have the time and ability, try and put out one jack for every remaining night of the month. I know this is tough to do, lots of carving and time to do so. Trust me, I know, but I'm doing 31. But if you can only do one, just make sure its placed in a spot that is worth it. Or at least close to your heart haha. This is not just for Halloween night. As a matter of fact, its even cooler that it's any random night in October.
2. PLEASE DO NOT USE ACTUAL FIRE! I know this is very tempting, but please do not leave a pumpkin with actual flame sitting out. I am using LED tea lights from walmart to ensure there are no accidents. If you take pics and need more light, use what is needed, but please don't use actual flame. Last thing we want is to burn down the awesome places.
3. If you would be so kind as to tag the pumpkins with the Great Pumpkin Project tags, that would be great. There is a logo made, and I will post it shortly. This helps make sure that this is all done under one banner. Create your tags however you like, I used wooden tags and created a rubber stamp. But use the logo.
4. If you decide to take pictures, please send them to greatpumpkinproject@gmail.com This is brand new to me, and didn't expect this much of a response, so please bear with me as I work out the details. But I'd like to collect pictures taken, and display them somehow. I will learn as I go.
Thanks so much for the support.

Happy Hallowe'en, kiddies! 

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