Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Les Morts Gothique

If you want a bit of dark music to play while building props, you should consider Halloween at High Noon. I've mentioned them in past posts, generally around this time of year, which is when they release their new tunes. 

Halloween at High Noon is a sort of dark musician's collective. Each album features several different artists, playing in their own distinctive styles. (It's kind of Halloween house music, if you're curious about the sound.)

This year, their new release is Les Morts Gothique, available on both iTunes and Amazon. I listened to it at work the other day and it's wonderful! I'll definitely be adding it to my "Spooky Music" playlist in the studio!

Past years' albums include Way of the WickedDead Beats and Head Treats, and Corpus Vile, and they're all downloadable. Enjoy!

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