Tuesday, October 11, 2016

NorCal Scares: Direworld

Every year, I swear I'm going to get out to a haunted attraction. This year, it may actually happen! 
Direworld is fairly close to me, and now? It features Stewie, who has completely gone pro this year!

It started with a somewhat alarmed phone call in late September from the storage space where I'd been keeping him.

"Umm, hello. Ma'am? There are strange noises coming from your storage space. And something that may be fingers is poking out from underneath the roll-up door. I can't get anyone to check it out. They're too scared. Just what have you been keeping in there?!"

Hard to explain about a giant pumpkin-headed scarecrow with a life of his own...

So I drove over to have a chat with Stewie about scaring the normals.

I could hear him grumbling from outside the door as I put my key in the padlock. It was a bit muffled...

"Mfrl. Grummmmmble. Grr. Rumble. Grumble grrf."
I suppressed a smile. My creation was just so cute when he was just waking up for the season.

I rolled up the door. He stood there, spiders fleeing the inside of his head in terror. 

"Grumble? Grumble!"

"Hey, Big Guy! Happy Autumn!"

There was an awkward pause. Then he told me that while he loved his yard and scaring the kids there, that he wanted to go back and play in the big leagues. Scaring hundreds, being on the local news, having his picture taken, going out for beers with the cast and crew afterwards...

How could I say no? At a certain point, the kids grow up and need to spread their wings.

We'll miss him. We're hoping to get pictures soon, maybe a postcard here and there to let us know how he's doing...

I'm so proud!

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  1. Very nice of you to share with everyone. He is great.


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