Friday, October 7, 2016

Hauntcast Post Mortem: Ding-Dong!

The latest episode of Hauntcast: Post Mortem has just dropped!
Hauntcast Post Mortem: Ding Dong featuring Thérèse & Hugh of Rutherford Manor Haunt and Music from Halloween at High Noon.
Winners of the Home Haunting Triple Crown, Thérèse & Hugh of the Rutherford Manor Haunt join your G/Host in the dungeon for a few adult bevies and to discuss discuss there award winning 2015 haunt season.
Prop Shop: Denny plays the game "You show me yours and I'll show you mine" with Chris as the boys compare the size of the props they are building for this Halloween
Theater of the Mind: Revenant gets all stream-of-consciousness on yo' azz and ponders the age-old question of Why We Do This
Mad Props for Props: Jason Becker lifts his "Graves of the Groves" haunt to new heights in his Freight Elevator Simulator.
Shocktails: JT hosts another Shocktails party at The Last Bar on the Left and of course the only one to show up was Baker. Beer, nonsense and neanderthal opinions flow as the boys review Rob Zombie's "31" and Adam Wingard & Simon Barrett's "Blair Witch". Cheers, fiends!
Charmed Pot: Our Mistress of Mayhem drops a tale of terror into your treat bag in the Charmed Pot.
Ghoulie Grooves: Halloween at High Noon provides the synth driven soundtrack for our Sahmain spooktacular.

Oh, I'm so looking forward to hunkering down with this new episode, Ding-Dong! You can now test-drive the revamped site and subscribe to Hauntcast for access to all the old vaults, plus new, exclusive content! New podcasts are always free.

Happy Hallowe'en, kids! Hope you like your treats, from the entire Scream Team at Hauntcast!

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