Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hauntcast - Undead!

Hauntcast: Undead is a new addition to the Hauntcast family, and will be lurching your way monthly!

Live interviews, prop shops and other nefarious goings-on will be available with a subscription to Hauntcast. The newest podcasts are always free, but you get access to so much more content with a subscription!

And don't forget the latest offering for Hallowe'en fanatics: Haunt Club!

Haunt Club is a gathering of Hallowe'en lovers to swap ideas, share prop tips and so much more.

"Haunt Club delivers value via Halloween media and Haunt related services across multiple websites and in all mediums from one centralized place. We provide technology that is vital for Haunters to inspire learning, creativity and sharing via web, native IOS & Android app, mobile, video, and chat. Our goal is to bring unity to the greater Halloween community and provide access to the most talented Haunters and the greatest Halloween minds."
Shamble over to the site now and browse around! You'll be glad you gave yourself these Hallowe'en treats!

This just in:

The Theater of the Mind video pilot episode is available! Yes, Theater of the mind can now be seen and heard!
Although Revenant does have a face for radio, so be warned...

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