Sunday, October 2, 2016

Some Treats!

This time of year just gets me all giddy! The weather (even in California) starts to cool a little. The breezes blow leaves down the street. And a few creative types release their wicked creations into the October nights.
I just bought my annual Trick or Treat bag from artist Eric Pigors, of Toxic Toons! I buy one every year, and use them as my purse all October. They come filled with all manner of fun goodies, all drawn by Eric, himself. Creepy cute stuff!
The other thing I absolutely cannot have October without, is the new Halloween at High Noon release. I look for it every year, and when I see it, I go all Jonah Hill!
Decayed is not only a new release, it's their tenth anniversary release! You can find Decayed on iTunes or over at Band Camp, along with their entire catalog.

You can find their blog, also filled with lovely treats, at High Noon Records.

Stay tuned for more goodies!

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