Saturday, September 11, 2021

I'll Get You, My Little Pretty!

I just ordered this today and I absolutely cannot wait to have it in my hot little hands!

Vintage Hallowe'en: Tricks, Treats, & Traditions.

From the publisher:

The Vintage Hallowe’en book has been “Reconjured” in this new expanded edition! Full of rare vintage photographs, illustrations, collectibles, lore, poems & short stories depicting the history of Hallowe’en. This custom hardback art book makes a great center-piece decoration, and features “Trick-or-Treat” traditions & scary tales from the past. The new “Reconjured” 2021 edition has 232 full-color art paper pages that are full of new material depicting the very best of All Hallows’ Eve!

Is anyone else excited our favorite holiday is upcoming? 


  1. Where did you order it from? I looked on Amazon the other day and people are asking crazy prices.

    1. I got it off Amazon for $45. Couldn't find it anywhere else!


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