Wednesday, September 29, 2021

One Day Closer

The Open House is on Sunday. The kiln is firing off the last SPN mugs to smooth out the roughness from a too-thin clear glaze application, but there are a bunch which turned out great! The above Pumpkin Person needs some clear glaze to get him finished off. The witches I'm sculpting will have to wait until after!

The last of the jacks I can reasonably finish before the Open House came out yesterday evening and got the clay dust wiped off of them so I can start glazing today. I plan to keep making Hallowe'en through the winter, as I have a couple of shows to apply for and want to show the folks who choose the work some new creations! Plus I have stock to rebuild. I plan to make time to create some fine art, too! I have had a series in mind for a number of years, and I'm finally ready to start.

It's the usual, crazy, before-show push, but I love it! It feels fantastic to get back to doing what I do best!


  1. Wow - your mugs came out really beautiful. It must be a relief after all the glazing challenges. Do you think the learning curve is behind you?

    1. Honestly, I'm not completely sure. I'm going to be starting all over again with cone 6 clay and glazes, and I'm going to be diving into my book on running this electric kiln so I have a better sense of how to fine-tune all of this.
      And thank you, by the way! I'm hoping to get some in my store after the Open House this Sunday!

  2. Can’t wait to see photos of your open house! Very exciting.


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