Sunday, September 19, 2021

Lemax Love

I haven't bought a load of Hallowe'en decorations or fun stuff for years. Pretty much since since I moved away from Folsom. Well, that phase is OVAH! 

I had to run to DoIt Center (in this household, that's pronounced DOYT, even though it's supposed to be Do It) to grab a couple of things I needed. The Hallowe'en stuff was out already, moaning and groaning, singing spooky songs. And did it scare the kids? Yup. But they were still daring each other to run up and touch the scary guys or start their antics by stomping on the trigger mat. So I guess Samhain is on the way, huh?

Anyhow, I ambled through the aisles and ran across the Lemax display.

And I sort of brought a few home with me...

They make me laugh! I swear, those guys in the brewery just crack me up!

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