Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Found these little darlings just in time for Val-o-ween here. I'm not normally up for "cute" things, but these Skelanimals do tickle my fancy.

If you remember, my
acquaintance Nancy's store, Necromance, has all manner of unusual things to give to your dark true love for the upcoming holiday.

A skull choker may be just the thing to show off that long, pale neck of hers.

Perhaps a pair of sparkly spider earrings would charm her. They'd certainly set off that lovely raven hair.

But honestly, Valentine's day is about giving her your heart. So maybe the best gift is this anatomically correct heart design tote bag. It certainly makes a stronger statement than those thoughtless candies-inna-box you were going to give her.

Then again, maybe the old heart-on-a-platter trick will tell her your deepest, darkest feelings for her. Hopefully, she won't run. Just don't be too creepy about it, o.k.? Restraining orders aren't a good thing.

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