Sunday, February 15, 2009

Save It For Later

I admit it. I am a child of the '80s. I was one of those weird kids (shocking, I know) who loved all music but country. I listened to heavy metal, ska, new wave, rock, oldies. Just about everything.

One of my favorite groups of the day was The English Beat. The album, Special Beat Service, really put them on the map with songs like I Confess and Save It For Later.

I recently saw the video for Save It For Later, and was delighted to see the set they used was decorated with a lovely cellar-and-skeletons motif.

I love the dancing skeleton on the wall behind the actors, the cheesy paper-accordion skeleton, and the film noir-style posters on the walls. I particularly liked the candle holder made out of the upper part of a Bucky skull and an arm bone. I may just steal that idea!

I also love the old Adam and the Ants videos for the wonderful costuming. It's like he ransacked the BBC's costume department for each video and just had a blast with them.
Stand and Deliver:

Prince Charming:

Ant Rap:

I wonder how many times they got to fire the cannon for that one?
Ahh, memories.
Here's me, Ant fan, 1984. Geez, I wish I had that body back. It didn't hurt as much in the morning!


  1. I forgot about the English Beat! What good memories! I used to have just about all of Adam and the Ants records too! I really miss the 80's, that was a great decade!

  2. I had all of them, imports, too. All the 45s. A couple of tunes from Jubilee, with Little Nell (Columbia from Rocky Horror Picture Show). Sadly, all destroyed by the last husband. *sigh*
    Adam Ant was so dang sexy before he went solo! He and Prince, great musicians of the day!


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