Thursday, February 26, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood and the Monsters

I was looking for a South Park episode to share and ran across this instead.

I love the Three Stooges feel of this. It looks like a completely terrible movie, and I probably saw it as a child and just don't remember!


  1. Once upon a time, six years ago... I had a boss who declared "Shrek" genius because it was the first time all the famous fairy tales were combined in one story. I argued it's been done before. She waived me off saying...

    "I'm a bigger film buff than you and have never seen a movie that did."

    I mentioned Laurel and Hardy's "Babes in Toyland".

    She said "Never heard of it" and dismissed it as if I made it up.

    Seeing this clip, I really want to e-mail her the link just to be annoying.

  2. I find that people like that will make lovely fodder to throw at zombies, so I can make my getaway. I mean, can you imagine sharing a shelter with someone like that? She'd be the one going on about how there's no such thing as zombies, while one was chewing on her head. Honestly!


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