Friday, February 27, 2009

The Mutaytor-Spectacles of Sound and Vision

One of the commonalities I've noticed among haunters is that many of us want to listen to music while creating our props, and most of us lean towards ambient. I think it's because we prefer not to get dragged into the space where words distract us from what we're doing. For me, The Mutaytor is perfect for this.

While there are words sometimes, I enjoy the overall energy of the group. High energy tribal drums, fantastic horn section, thundering bass, all combine together to make an auditory experience you won't forget. I haven't made it to a show, but just looking at the video tells you that you're not going to be bored for a second. With belly dancing, fire dancing, acrobatics, and a driving, manic beat, how could you be bored? One of their drummers, funny enough, was in an Irish band I managed several years ago. He loves playing with The Mutaytor. (There are also former members of Oingo Boingo and Supertramp in their lineup.)

A friend of mine is a fan, and tells me they really got their start at Burning Man. (Another event I should go to, like Comic Con.)

I'd recommend heading to their site and picking up a CD.You're sure to love it.


  1. I agree. Listening to music really helps when prop building.

    I wasn't expecting the genre of music when I played your clip. Now I have images of a cloaked haunter with a soother and glow sticks, circling around the prop being built. ;)

  2. You realize, of course, that I have the techno version of the theme to "Speed Racer" on my iPod, right? :0) Heh heh heh... I just have a really wide variety of tunes I like to listen to. Pogues, Midnight Syndicate, Moby, Mutaytor, Frank Sinatra, Hothouse Flowers, Tony Bennett, plainchant... Anything but rap! Just good music!
    BTW. Love your site and your blog!


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