Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Artsy Chiqua

Artsy Chiqua is my kind of gal. Though we've never met, I know the kind of girl she must be: smart, funny, gorgeous, and above all, scary.

She catches your eye, then pops it into a special little watertight case...
She invites you to a party, and when you bring an uninvited guest, she serves him up for a quick snack.
Check out her website here.


  1. I haven't met her either, but we've corresponded in the past and your description is right on the mark :)

    She'd tweeted about that prop, and I instantly fell in love with it. I was wondering what she'd used for the liquid. Hair gel! Genius!

  2. You both are too kind.... and my kind of people!! I love both of your sites and I find inspiration from Shellhawk and GhoulFriday all the time.

    While we have not met face to face, we've each had great conversations about a variety of things and our tastes are quite similar. I consider both of you friends.... so, wanna come over for dinner sometime?? You can be my guest of honor! We'll talk more about the menu later......!

  3. This is fan-freaking-tastic.

    I've always loved eyeballs in jars. :)


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