Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Wardrobe?

I have officially reached the point where I hate nearly everything in my closet, mostly because it reminds me of thinner times passed.

HATE that!

So to honor my newly found shapeliness (Not quite Rubenesque, but not too far from it), I picked a new wardrobe out for myself. Mind you, this is a fantasy wardrobe because:
1) I have no place to wear most of this.

2) The shoes will almost certainly kill my poor feet.
3) I haven't yet hit the massive Lotto win, and clothin
g made custom for me is likely to be pretty spendy.
4) Mr. ShellHawk would probably not want to be seen in public with me anymore, which would make me a sad panda.
Be that as it may, here are my offerings:

These hand-painted steampunk heels from Crafttastrophe, which I'm certain I can't live without. Simple, elegant, absolutely yummy.

This "Skullduggery" underbust corset (pray, ignore the size) from Luxuriawear. I'm certain I could wear it out to a job interview or something like that. Wouldn't it make a statement?

This corset from damselinthisdress looks great, and I could even wear it with jeans.Divadivine777 made this Victorian bustle skirt, which I'm certain would be just the thing for those boring trips to the grocery store.I really should have bought techdragon's Ladies Traveling Skirt for my recent European adventure. Paris may not have been ready for it, but I sure was!
And lastly, these lovely goggles from steampunk22. Surely, I can't be expected to read the fine print on the Nutritional Facts labels without them.


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