Friday, May 29, 2009

Chambers of the Mausoleum

Creepy... And...Pretty darn good!

Located in Riverside, California... Which is pretty scary the rest of the year, by the way...


  1. Very impressive! The demon and his minion are disturbing... I would not be at ease with him next to me. This looks pretty scary... But I like that!

  2. Very well done!

    I do have to say the creepiest thing about it is....the location.

    Riverside?!?!? Unless something has drastically changed in the last 10 years, I don't even think this would compel me to return :)

    Oh, that was completely off topic, sorry!

    Cool haunt, thanks for sharing!


  3. Yes, Frog Queen. Riverside, California is still pretty much the Armpit of the Universe. And yes, it has drastically changed: the meth problem is worse, if I understand correctly.

    1. Haha, maybe because its 2013, but I would say San Berna-ghetto is the armpit of the IE. This was good in 2009.


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