Friday, May 22, 2009

Hot Damn! I Got It!

There are days when I miss living in L.A. They don't happen often, mind you, because I've come to dislike the city up to a point. (I do miss my family, though.) Fortunately for me, a morning radio program that I've been listening to for twenty years is in syndication up here in the Sacramento area. I can tune in, and feel at home.

I tuned in on Wednesday while getting ready to do some running around, and got lucky.

No, not that way. Getchyer mind outta da gutta!

The boys-Mark and Brian to those in the know- were doing an interview with Dan Akroyd about Crystal Head Vodka. My timing, for once, was perfect. Of course, I had to trot by Beverages and More on Thursday to pick some up for myse---I mean, for my wonderful Mr. ShellHawk. After all, diamond-filtered vodka is something he is completely deserving of.

I couldn't wait until I got home to take a few pics to share with you all. I couldn't wait until Mr. ShellHawk came home so I could share this with him. He loved it!

I admit, I had read briefly about this on someone's blog awhile back, I believe before we could get it here in the California. (I think it was either Ghoul Friday or the Art of Darkness.) I just can't seem to remember where I saw it so I could give proper credit. Encroaching age...

If you have trouble accessing the interview, click on M & B on demand, wait for the list to populate, and click on the interview. It's so worth a listen!


  1. Very very cool, and awesome shots of it as well!

  2. Son of a...Damn you Aykroyd! *shakes fist* I did blog about it a while ago, complaining about how Danny Boy has given his countrymen the shaft when it comes to getting this in Canada.

    I still can't get it here in Ontario unless I want to buy in large quantity and/or pay horrendous shipping fees.


  3. I saw it a BEV MO here in LA right over on Sepulveda Bld. one afternoon. I so wanted to buy it...but I'm not a vodka drinker myself and thought a bit pricey just wanting a cool bottle.

    Hmmm, maybe I should stalk the dumpsters outside some high end bars and clubs.LOL

  4. Ghoul Friday- Why don't you write to him and complain? It's in his interest to have more people buying his product!
    It almost sounded like you could pick it up anywhere in Canada, the way he was talking...
    And I thought it was you, but just couldn't remember. Glad you got credit, finally! :o)

  5. Dave- That's the BevMo we used to go to when I lived in Valley Glen! We were neighbors and didn't know it!
    Ahhhh, the displays we could have built!

  6. No way! I knew you once lived in the valley area...but not Valley Glen and it oh so huge 4 mile radius of a city.

    LOL that's great. Small world (and city)

  7. Well, congrats. I'm not sure what Mr. Ackroyd was talking about but I can't get this in my end of Canada either - not even with my proximity to Newfoundland!

  8. Dave- I used to live on Calvert St. It was right around Burbank and Woodman, within crawling distance of Ireland's 32. Back streets all the way home, baby!

  9. And hey, when the vodka is gone, fill it back up with water and red food coloring... that's what we did at least.


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