Monday, May 18, 2009

Zombie Ground Breaker

So here's why Auntie ShellHawk keeps nagging you to join a haunt group that does make and takes: Saturday's build at my CalHaunts NorCal meeting was a pneumatic ground breaker prop, based on the one done by Casa Fear.

And here's the how-to video:

The really huge bonus? We got to do it at Skulltronix, and get a tour of the facility! Woo-hoo! I also got to do some catching up with Perfessor Evil, of Haunt Project, and he let me know he's just culled a bunch of dead links from the site.

Thanks to the groundbreaker and the gravestone pop-up, there will be multiple skid marks made at my place on Halloween this year! Mwa hahahahahha!


  1. Ok wait. I have to compose myself.

    That is the best...I kid you not...the best moving homemade groundbreaker I have ever seen (the long hair makes it even better).

    THIS is a make and take I'd shell out the cash for.

  2. Also just found out that is gone. sighIt sucks losing 12 more links, but it REALLY sucks when it happens to one of the best how-to sites out there.

    Thank god for


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