Thursday, March 25, 2010


My birthday is Saturday. While at a Crab Feed to raise money for the local elementary school, Mr. ShellHawk bid on a month's worth of art classes for my gift in the silent auction, and won them. He gave me the info today, which included a booklet of class choices for me to look through.(Thanks, hon!) I happened upon this one:
Make a Life-size Scarecrow!!! [Three exclamation points? The sure sign of an unbalanced mind!!!]

Come in for the afternoon and make the most amazing scarecrow you have ever seen.
The heads are made out of gourds which are painted and decorated. The bodies are wood which will be clothed and raffia tied.
Your neighbors will not believe what's sitting on your porch. These are the most unique scarecrows ever!
"The most unique scarecrows ever." Really?

Previous three scarecrows:
My own offering.

I think I might give that particular class a miss, though it's nice that someone is spreading the Halloween Spirit. The acrylic painting one looks good, though...


  1. Happy almost Birthday shellhawk!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! And yes, you and Pumpkinrot nailed it on the scarecrow should teach the class!


  3. Hahaha, this post totally cracked me up. A gourd head?!?! Whaaaa?!?!! hahaha. Damn, you would probably scare that class out of their mind with something you could whip up for them, LMAO. Oh, thats just golden, girl!!

  4. hehe...happy birthday...and yes, go for the acrylics painting class! I don't think anyone could teach you anything about making a Halloween scarecrow!

  5. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    I think we forget how lucky we are to know Pumpkin Rot's work and how amazing his scarecrows are until we remember that there are people in the world who believe cutesy is the way to go for scarecrows!

    I hesitated to put my work on the same page with his... Especially since the design for Stewie came straight from Spooky Blue! Oh, well. No raffia and gourds for us, huh?

  6. I missed this post before...
    Thanks for featuring my guys. : )

    You're awesome.
    And you're incredible creation DOES absolutely deserve to be there.

    And the Happiest of Birthdays to you (day late). : (

    Hope it was a blast.


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