Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pumpkin Growing

I just wanted to remind folks that this month's Charmed Pot topic will be our favorite gourds: pumpkins!

I wanted to take a quick minute to include a few links to pumpkin seed suppliers. I tend to lean towards Certified Organic, because I know I'm ingesting too many chemicals that I'm largely unaware of. No, I'm not a militant vegan; I just want to slow down the amount of unnatural things infesting my aging body! (I want to build them, not be them!) I also like heirloom seeds, though I will go for some hybrids from time to time.

Heirloom Seeds has a nice variety of certified organic pumpkin seeds.
Seeds of Change carries only certified organic seeds, and had a great varitey of pumpkins and other vegetables.
Stargazer Perennials offers heirloom, certified organic pumpkin seeds.
Other pumpkin suppliers are:

Have fun browsing!


  1. Oh, I love organic seeds!!! Thanks for sharing. Definately planting pumpkins for my skeleton this year....these links will help.


  2. " (I want to build them, not be them!)"

    ...though the transformation would make for a helluva prop!


  3. well, I'm going to try to plant some but where I live, it gets wicked hot in the summer...anyway, thanks for the info!


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