Saturday, March 13, 2010

Graveyard Fence

I figured that since the weather is warming, some of you might be thinking about getting back into building for 2010. Some of you may be thinking of building or expanding your graveyard fence for this year. If you are, I'd suggest going to King Architectural Metals and sign up for their email list so you can be notified of their sales. I just got a copy of their new catalog and found myself wishing for a larger property so I could put in an order for a bunch of cool stuff. I also think I just can't live without a custom plasma cut cemetery sign-I wonder if they do that? Hmm...

I used their plastic finials to top my PVC fence and was really pleased with the results. Their prices were pretty reasonable and the package arrived fairly quickly.
You can get a good idea of how the fence looks at night from the video of my haunt, below. Maybe this year I'll get around to adding some rust and patina detailing to give it a better aged look.


  1. Love their stuff. We have used it on pieces we have made for other people and they are always suprised that they are plastic!

    Oh, and I am 100% behind you on the sign idea.....yes, we both need one.


  2. There is one corner that gets more sun than the rest. I wanted my tomatoes to go into that corner. However, I needed access to that corner and I needed a fence. I had to figure out a way to use that corner but also fence it in. cedar fence pickets


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