Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In Search Of...

Growing up, I used to tune in to every single episode of this series. I was a young Trekkie, so Leonard Nimoy's narrations added (to me) a certain cache to each mystery.

I was especially obsessed with The Bermuda Triangle. I wanted to vacation there.


  1. Me too - great show about way cool and freaky topics.

  2. I remember these! (dating ourselves here...)

  3. As a child, I was home sick one day and ended up watching an afternoon horror movie about the Bermuda Triangle. I believe the premise was that the devil was responsible for it and would lure people there. It really stayed with me. So much so that I still remember it whenever the subject of the Bermuda Triangle comes up. Enjoy your vacation ;)

  4. I loved that show!!! I also was obsessed with the Bermuda Triangle as a kid, I remember reading it one of those Ripley Believe it or not books too. Could not believe that such a place existed and why anyone would go anywhere near there!

    Becomine an adult and learning all the facts has a tendency to take the magic out of things :(

    Anyway, thats for the trip down memory lane. That was very fun.



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