Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rondo Awards- Vote for Haunt Cast!

You+your Rondo Award vote for Haunt Cast=Smart reader!

And we know how smart my readers are, right?

From the desk of Chris Baker:

Vote for Hauntcast for this year's Rondo awards category #20 for Favorite Horror Podcast. You don't need to vote for any other categories, you can just write in Hauntcast. Put us on the map and vote today. All entries must be in by April 2nd.
Ripped off from Johnny Thunder's blog. Cause I'm to busy mopping up water damage to know about anything! :o)

Rondo Awards here! Last couple of days to vote!

Seriously-we don't get paid for the hours and hours of hard work we put into every show, all for you! Only for you! The things we do, just for you guys, our listeners! An award would be the least you guys could do for us!

Just saying.

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