Friday, September 17, 2010

Martha Follow-Up #1: The Auto-Generated Response Note

Thank you for contacting Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.
We appreciate your interest in the Martha Stewart Omnimedia family of

We value your feedback. We have shared your message with the Martha
Stewart Omnimedia editorial team.

We have also forwarded your message to Martha Stewart.

Thank you once again for taking a moment to share your thoughts.


MSLO Customer Relations

O.K. You gotta give them full props for extreme politeness, a quality far too often bypassed in today's society.
We shall see if this is the only response I get. I truly do not expect anything else.


  1. The next thing you'll get are two hulking thugs in suits and black sunglasses...

    No one heard from Shellhawk after that. All that was found was a small notecard in an origami envelope with the initials MS...

  2. Heheheh! I'm with Mr. M. on this. Time to enter the witness protection program (Martha Branch).

  3. It almost makes you wonder if they've even read it yet.

  4. I saw her October issue in Target yesterday - we were supposed to wait and see how wonderful it was, to make up for the cranked-out "best of"?

    Lots of ads, if you like ads... not Halloween ads, but...

    And I'm not all worked up about it, but am just disappointed.
    She knows what the season is about and knows how to do it as well as anyone can, but she doesn't, for some reason.

    She's conditioning Halloween junkies to stop looking at her magazine - to expect the best from somewhere else.
    The wasted potential to be the cream of the crop, from someone who has always seemed to be the cream of the crop, quality-wise, is the disappointing part.

    Now Will Smith, singing "Men In Black", is going to be stuck in my head all day, which is a good thing!

  5. Mr. M- Why do you think I've kept this so public? :o)

    Necropolis, I am with you on that!

    Dio- Would you copy and paste your comment here into the original Martha post I did? In the event any of her staff actually do look, it would be nice to have that there, and not with my tag on it.

    Wait-is that knocking I hear? And-is that a black van parked out front?


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