Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pumpkin Progress

I think I had mentioned on my last pumpkin post how disappointed I have been with my pumpkins' ability to produce. I was very disappointed in my Wyatt's Wonder, and was pretty sure the "Wonder" part stood for "I wonder where the hell all the pumpkins are?" Well, at long last, I am happy to report I actually have one pumpkin off this vine.
I'm hoping he grows a bit larger, but I'm happy with just about anything this year! This addition will make it my third pumpkin to come to maturity. The damn slugs made off with at least two other Wyatt's Wonder babies, which is pretty amazing, considering it really hasn't been slug weather out here.

I've come to find out that pretty much everyone in the Sacramento area has had a bad time of growing vegetables this year. Since we had clouds and rain into May and June, which is very unusual for our area, everything seems to be about a month behind in its maturity. I can vouch for that, as our tomato crop this year has been pathetic, as opposed to last year's gangbuster crop.

Oh, well. Maybe next year!

I guess I'm stuck-again-buying pumpkins this year.


  1. I love to see people growing their own pumpkins! I've got to get in on that.

    The blog looks fantastic, by the way.

  2. He's looking pretty good. I too will be happy with anything carve-able.

    Remember. Small but sincere . . . small but sincere . . . :)


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