Saturday, September 4, 2010

Running Around

Like a proverbial chicken with my head cut off, I've been doing a lot of running around the last couple of days. One of my fellow students turned me on to a place in Rancho Cordova called, "The Market Place." It's basically an artist's co-op in a big old warehouse in an industrial area of town, and they are brand new and looking for artists. I popped by to check the place out after school on Thursday, and walked out with a space of my own and some heart palpitations.

So, yesterday was spent running around, looking for shelving and whatnot to set up a booth. Since what I have now is a space marked with duct tape on the floor (read: no walls) I had to pick something up to delineate my space. I wanted to get one of those privacy screens that has photo frames on it, but, or course, what I saw millions of a few weeks ago can't be found for love nor money. I had to go to a number of different stores, looking for other shelving options that were still cheap, since I didn't want to spend loads of money when I don't know how long I'll be in this space.

I still had my camera in my purse from taking photos of my new creations at school, so I was able to snap some pics of the Halloween displays around my town.

First off, I want to complain bitterly to Target that not having all the Halloween merchandise up by September 1st is lame! There were so many huge gaps in their shelves, it looked like a dental continuing education course on the effects of meth! I say, again: LAME! I didn't even bother to snap any photos.

Here are the others, starting with Orchard Supply Hardware:
Oh, the horror of inflatables and sparkly pipe-cleaner black cats!

One for the Frog Queen!

After Osh, I headed over to Michael's.

Then it was over to Marshall's, still with no shelves or anything to show for all my hard shopping!

Then, off to Pier 1.

Spiders seem to be popular this year; another sign that our Frog Queen is a trend-setter!

Next was Cost Plus World Market.

Looks like this year's trend is towards reproduction vintage Halloween. SO much better than sparkly black cats!

I finally toddled home with some shelves and a couple of funky looking barstools that I'll make into special shelving. I'll have to get some photos of my lit jackos framed and stick them in the booth so people can see how great they look when they're lit.

An artist's work is never done!


  1. We don't have Marshall's here. That orange owl (is it a candle holder? If it's a lamp I'll faint from wanting) is awesome. Certainly something I could see having out year round.

    And SO NICE to see Pier 1 going vintage with their decor! I'll have to pop by one soon.

  2. ha! that was fun--you seem to have a lot of stores ready to go...seems like very little is in the shops yet around here...oh, least I got to see the pics!

  3. I saw spiders.....I am going to go hide. As usual, thanks for sharing....everything, except for the spiders :D



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