Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Martha, Revisited

I just wanted to let everyone know, I'm sending my note of disappointment in to Martha Stewart on Friday. If you wish to comment on my original post about the latest Halloween edition of Martha Stewart Living, please do so in the next couple of days. I'm hoping a few more of you will post your opinions, either good or bad, before I send off my note, so that maybe next year, we can look forward to an actual new Halloween edition, rather than the recycled drek we've been getting the last few years.

My "I Tilt At Windmills" bumper sticker will be arriving in the mail shortly.


  1. WAIT!!!!

    You DO know this is not the October edition of "Martha Stewarts Living" managazine, right?

    It's a completely seperate book.

  2. Yes, Scott, I do know that, because at least that magazine would have the faintest hint of new projects hovering around it. *sigh*

    Sadly, the gripe is that we're still stuck with the same old "Best of" for the third or fourth year in a row. (Please refer to Pumpkinrot's comment in regards to "Best of.")

    It's good you pointed that out, though, just to keep me honest! :o)

  3. I too felt VERY disappoited with the magazine. I thought for sure that there would be something more than the same stuff. I am hoping that the Oct. issue will have something new but I am not holding my breath.

  4. OK I think I understand now. You would prefer that the standalone Halloween product was entirely new each year.

    I guess I just intuitively understand what she is doing - reaching out to the market of people who don't normally buy her magazines (or haven't bought the past 10 October issues)

    I think that all their effort in creating new stuff goes into the actual October issue of Living. Which, by the way, I got yesterday! It's 'ok', a bit tepid, without the big grand display-type ideas she has had in the past (the webbed-in porch, the giant bird eggs). It seems to be more dinner-party ideas and pumpkin carvings this year. Still, anything feeds my Halloween hunger!


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